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How to fit knobs

The hardware required to install comes standard with each knob, all you need is a 4mm hole in the furniture. The hardware supplied has a silver finish. The metal backplates are reversible so you can have either the knob sitting on top of the plate or the plate cupping the knob.

How do I fit the knobs?

The knobs are very easy to fit and typically take less than a minute per knob. The knobs come with a metal bolt, a metal back plate, two nuts and two washers.  Many also have the circular crenulated metal flashing, which is visible on the front of the knob.


Fix with backplate cupping the knob

  • If you want to fix the backplate so that it cups the knob like this:

  • Drill a hole in the drawer or door to which you are going to fit the knob.

  • Unscrew the nuts and remove both washers from the threaded bolt.

  • Simply push the bolt through the drilled hole in your drawer until you can see the end of the bolt on the inside of the drawer.

  • Put a single washer and then one nut over the threaded bolt and tighten the nut until the knob is secure.  The other washer and nut are surplus if you fix the knob in this way.

Fix with backplate inverted

If you want to invert the backplate, so that it forms a metal circle on the front of the door you are fixing it to like this:

  • Unscrew the nuts, remove the washers and remove the metal backplate from the base of the knob.

  • Invert the backplate.

  • Using one washer and one nut, tighten the metal backplate to the base of the knob.  Do not overtighten.

  • Slide the threaded bolt into the hole in your drawer.

  • Feed the other washer and nut over the thread on the inside of the drawer.  Tighten the nut to secure the knob.

Ceramic knob
Ceramic knob example
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